s7t2i 32r56 7nite ahad6 7ei69 98s7f 7kbr9 ne258 t3i5f s5rs8 inbyf ayetr nn5s6 469r2 78kf3 y2tae ritt6 4yr8b 7ir24 inzh6 ie42k ITAP of a foggy backlit tree in Switzerland |

ITAP of a foggy backlit tree in Switzerland

2022.01.24 16:21 rudib ITAP of a foggy backlit tree in Switzerland

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2022.01.24 16:21 Cinemabuddy Timeline/Dialog Error

I was watching Prisoner this past Saturday and I noticed that when Arthur was talking to Harry in the Leaky Couldron, Arthur starts one of his sentences with "13 years ago, when you stopped..." of course, referring to Voldemort attempting to murder infant Harry. Harry is 13 and starting his 3rd year at Hogwarts just like Ron and Hermione and if I remember correctly in Goblet of Fire when Voldemort returns to power, Voldemort reminds Harry and his Death Eaters why he lost his powers, stating it'd been 13 years since Harry stopped him. Now I'm not an expert in the books, but isn't the dialog Arthur was saying incorrect based on the fact that Harry had just turned a year old by the time his parents were killed, and 12 years later, Harry is starting his 3rd year at Hogwarts?
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2022.01.24 16:21 mexifu12 Das ist mexify als er klein war

Das ist mexify als er klein war schmeckts gut Max

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2022.01.24 16:21 SatisfactionNo183 Please hear my story.

I (26M) am just a human being trying to make ends meet... I carry a sad story that extends for about a year. I have lost everything I ever worked for in 1 year, and now, I am close to losing the last of it. I have no one to ask for help in real life at the moment, hence the reason I seek help online. What I am asking for is for you to please read my story, and if possible, help me get out of this mess. The last few days I have been the loneliest, the most hopeless I have ever been. The amount that I need to turn my life around is probably a negligible amount for many people in 1st world countries... But it has put me in a situation that I can no longer sleep, and lately have trouble breathing. Please, if you have the means, anything can help. I will share the link to the thread that with my story. If you care, please have a look... https://www.reddit.com/Advice/comments/s98g00/hear_my_story_please_ill_welcome_any_advice_at_all/
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2022.01.24 16:21 starla_apple The princess and the pirate.

A beautiful Princess with long flowing hair, green eyes, pink rosebud lips and a delicious laugh lived in her castle with her prince. Her price was funny, tall, dark and handsome yet sometimes the princess longed for something different.
While she was mostly content, she spent nights awake wondering how her life could be different if she had chosen to run away with that handsome pirate.
Quietly she pondered things while her prince gently snored next to her. All those years ago, that one hot summer she found herself in the company of a pirate.
The pirate was tall, dark hair, thick black beard and a robust laugh. His skill with words and wit quickly won over the affections of the princess. She didn’t mean to like him so much. After all, she was courting a prince.
They spent time together. It was then things sort of changed between them and affection became more. Then one day, the pirate asked the princess if she wanted to run away with him. He said they would see the world together.
“I’d follow you anywhere…”, she said, pulling him in close for a tender kiss.
“Meet me at the Tavern, dusk”, the pirate said and she agreed.
Yet things were not to be.
When she stumbled inside the crowded tavern there was her prince. He was drinking with his friends and when he saw her, she knew he knew. They made eye contact for a few minutes.
She frantically looked around the tavern for her pirate but found no sign of him. It was too late.
It was then the price strode up to her. He was slurring his words but he whispered in her ear, “he’s gone. I paid him to leave. Now we can get married and have one less thing to worry about.”
The princess blinked in the darkness, hot tears rolling down her cheeks. It had been 10 years. She loved the prince. But sometimes, late at night, she missed the pirate she fell in love with all those summers ago.
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2022.01.24 16:21 suusillenno Is Helbindi any good?

I have 3 copies of him thanks for him always being my green special summon. I personally don't care much about his character but he did get refine and he doesn't have any fodder I need or even like to use so I'm wondering if I should merge and use him?
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2022.01.24 16:21 SpartanLeonidas17 [New Unit] [A3] [Recruiting] The Spartan Legion

[New Unit] [A3] [Recruiting] The Spartan Legion The Spartan Legion is a new Arma 3 unit that is looking for new members. We are a semi-lore private military company in a corporate structure. So, no privates, corporals etc. Everyone has a job, but nobody is restricted to said job. We are in dire need of a Zeus among other positions. If you're looking for a chill unit that enjoys immersive campaigns with lore behind it but without the restrictions of a normal National Military based unit. Then the Spartan Legion is for you!
Requirements & Other Info:
16+ Years old
Don't care what country you're from as long as you can speak English
Ops are Sunday's 5pm eastern (est) US
Since we are not a National Military based unit (Army, Marines) we do NOT require basic or any other type of training to attend ops, but you can request a training if you feel a bit rusty or just don't feel comfortable without doing one.
Semi-Realistic (Very relaxed uniform and weapon standard with very little rules, because we are all adults here, right?)
We may occasionally do campaigns where we commit war crimes (You know, like the infamous black water PMC group)
Yes, we use TFAR so yes, we have a TeamSpeak
Attendance is only required once a week/end which is on Sundays. Other than that, it's pretty much free rein Monday-Saturday
Dual-Clanning is Allowed just as long as you still show up a reasonable amount.
Got questions before you join? send me a dm skull#0328 or join the official discord: https://discord.gg/NpnGU9Nnpb
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2022.01.24 16:21 sparkletrashtastic They were best friends 😭

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2022.01.24 16:21 NCCI70I JUST BOUGHT seven 100oz silver bars at $2565/ea and 2400 shares of PSLV. And ten 1oz rounds and bars from GSM. The dip was right and on last year’s raid silver became unobtanium for a couple of days. First purchase of this year.

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2022.01.24 16:21 Ralfcat101 AR folding stock should be 26 or 30 inches when folded?(legally)

View Poll
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2022.01.24 16:21 Max_1995 Before - halfway - -after. 4 years of restoration. Hundreds, probably thousands of hours. Perfection with mild modifications.

Before - halfway - -after. 4 years of restoration. Hundreds, probably thousands of hours. Perfection with mild modifications. submitted by Max_1995 to Miata [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:21 Ok-Personality-9714 M365 E3

Are there any logs available to check why a win 10 device fails it's enterprise activation. Either within azure or locally on a device. We have user based activation, use a proxy and have 30 devices from 2000 failing. The users/devices are all in the same AD groups.
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2022.01.24 16:21 Goatgolfholes18 The 1st ever G.O.A.T Signature Course has been designed. Global PGA winner, multiple PGASA Club & Teaching Pro winner & current Golf Director at Southbroom Golf Club is our designer. Some incredible golf holes.

The 1st ever G.O.A.T Signature Course has been designed. Global PGA winner, multiple PGASA Club & Teaching Pro winner & current Golf Director at Southbroom Golf Club is our designer. Some incredible golf holes. submitted by Goatgolfholes18 to golf [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:21 Smiley9972 24 F looking for long term friends

Hi I’m a24 F from texas I’m in a long term relationship, I’m looking for long term friends, maybe make a few new best friends, I’m very nice and caring and understanding, I’m shy at first sorry in advance , i hope everyone who reads this has a great day (:
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2022.01.24 16:21 bodonados Automakers datasets - where to find them?

Hello everyone,
as per the title i am trying to find some useful datasets from the automakers containing data such as production levels (total number but also classified by the model), money spent on research, different costs and so on.
Does anyone where i could find such dataset?
Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.24 16:21 MunkyPants Snowshoeing in the city limits. Fun to have these nice nature spaces right in Ottawa.

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2022.01.24 16:21 Bojana_V Stavovi o globalnim društvenim problemima u Srbiji

Nalazi istraživanja u psihologiji i srodnim naukama uglavnom se zasnivaju na anglosaksonskim (tj. američkim i britanskim uzorcima). Situacija se popravlja ali to dosta sporo ide i potrebno je uložiti više truda u ispitivanje toga da li rezultati dobijeni na tim takozvanim WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic) uzorcima mogu da se uopšte na ostatak svetske populacije. Zato je meni i mojim kolegama sa Univerziteta u Amsterdamu potrebna Vaša pomoć. Mi se bavimo time kako ljudi vide ulogu nauke u društvu i kako gledaju na globalne društvene probleme. Imamo interesantne podatke sa britanskih i američkih uzoraka, ali sada želimo da ispitamo kakvi su ovi stavovi kako u Srbiji, tako i u mnogim drugim zemljama.
Ako imate 15 minuta vremena, značilo bi nam da popunite upitnik na ovom linku https://uva.fra1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8GM3wIfJsIHgMh8, i svakako da podelite svoje komentare o tome kako vam se čini istraživanje i generalno kako vi gledate na psihološka istraživanja i njihovu inkluzivnost. Za bilo kakva pitanja možete da se obratite u inbox ili na mejlove istraživača na prvoj stranici upitnika. Ako ima zainteresovanih svakako možemo da podelimo rezultate istraživanja ovde kada se ono završi.
Takođe, ispitanici koji završe upitnik mogu da učestvuju u nagradnoj igri za osvajanje IKEA poklon kartica. Znam da nije svima to privlačno ali možete da obradujete sebe ili nekog drugog :)
Samo da naglasim da ovo nije reklama niti klasična samopromocija – zaista nas zanima da saznamo više o temi kojom se bavimo, i za sada nema drugog načina na koji bismo to mogli da učinimo u Srbiji. Hvala unapred i izvinjavam se svima koji smatraju da post ne pripada ovde.
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2022.01.24 16:21 NotRealyA_Person Yall had a good run and are still in a good place

As much as I hate to admit it..
I'm a Dolphins fan but I have an uncomfortable soft spot for the Bills because of my late step father.
So without getting into it, congratulations, you still have plenty of good chances in the future and even though I'm sure you guys didn't enjoy it in the end.. thank you for such a great game and for slaughtering the patsys.
You're welcome for 1st place
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2022.01.24 16:21 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Lola Bunny

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2022.01.24 16:21 Northnight81 Remember when Jalen Ramsey called Stafford trash in QC magazine?

What do you think he would say now?
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2022.01.24 16:21 New-Patience-4554 Seeking feedback Reactive Boxer Shepherd

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2022.01.24 16:21 tortellini69 GULC group interview invite

Got the invite this morning, applied early December
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2022.01.24 16:21 Ishi-no-Yanagi Super cute woolly robots

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2022.01.24 16:21 BootsOnaButcher Just chillin’ in the 8881’s

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2022.01.24 16:21 ijustwannacomments If neural link will let you replay your interactions you could become some obsessed with replaying those interactions that you won't leave you house to have any interactions.

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