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2022.01.24 16:52 thetekoholic VirgoCX Referral || Canada, get $30 CAD when you trade $100. Buy Doge or ADA from a canadian exchange 🔥

Sign up with VirgoCX and get $10 when you sign up or $30 CAD when you make a deposit of $100 Or Code: dyxLPD65

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2022.01.24 16:52 arroz_com_feijao Governo corta investimentos para o menor nível da história e mantém orçamento secreto intocado

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2022.01.24 16:52 feelinsqwiddy Just finished building Lundens' unarmored body only for it to end in disaster ;-;

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2022.01.24 16:52 L0b0t0my Psychotic One Piece Fans review bombing newest AOT Episode - NOW WITH PROOF

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2022.01.24 16:52 OnlyHat8 What are your thoughts on third-party pencil tips?

I'm interested in buying a third-party pencil tip that mimics a fine tipped pen (something like this). How wary should I be of third-party tips, though? I don't want to buy anything that'll damage my pen or my screen. I'm less worried about the screen at the moment because I have a matte protector (although I don't want that to get totally wrecked by a third-party tip either). Have any of you had positive experiences with third-party tips or styluses?
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2022.01.24 16:52 listerfiend123 I'm ready for the hate but before and after.

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2022.01.24 16:52 sulawsirap Hikari Noa

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2022.01.24 16:52 introverteddude551 Any extreme growers here?

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2022.01.24 16:52 SS00000009 you cancel an interview i travelled 40 minutes for without notice? You don't deserve me as an employee.

point blank period.
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2022.01.24 16:52 _bebeta chad

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2022.01.24 16:52 NiesG75 Turned the start deck bosses into Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Made by: Me

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2022.01.24 16:52 Branta___canadensis Is there any place on campus to pick up a KN95 / N95?

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2022.01.24 16:52 Elimaron Operator Showcase: Tachanka | Rainbow Six Extraction

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2022.01.24 16:52 Ok-One7630 was lamictal enough for your anxiety/panic or did you have to add an SSRI?

Hi! I’ve just recently started lamictal i’m only on 37.5mg and i take xanax daily, i was wondering if lamictal has helped with your anxiety disorder or panic disorder enough to not need anxiety medications or if you had to add an SSRI and if so which one. I have GAD and Panic Disorder so i’m just curious if lamictal will be enough or not as i try to be on the least meds as possible! Any advice or personal stories would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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2022.01.24 16:52 faoming Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star ― Palatine Light

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2022.01.24 16:52 lbanca01 Latte Dock freeze after exiting fullscreen applications

Hi, after an update i made yesterday only my top bar of latte dock freezes after exiting any kind of fullscreen video in firefox, and to restore my functioning layout i have to killall latte-dock and restart it. To clarify, after my top bar freezes it remains like macOS top bar, but the padding works fine for every window. Also it doesn't freeze the bottom dock. Since my update was quite a large one because I'm lazy and didn't update my system for a couple of weeks i can't pin-point what package broke things for me.
For an easy reference of my latte layout check edna, I'm talking about just the top bar.
Anyone else has had this problem? should I send a bug report? and in that case try to add it to the 15-minute initative?
Im on fedora 35 kde 5.23.4 and Kernel 5.15.16-200, also I'm on wayland and intel igpu.
If anyone needs logs of any kind just ask :^)
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2022.01.24 16:52 EdgyCar Got some parts to make it eligible to be registered and I can now legally drive it on the road

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2022.01.24 16:52 YoungChris1230 High octane gameplay of a meta pro

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2022.01.24 16:52 ParsnipPizza No Step Back Guide to Poland's Politics, Part 3 (the monarchist one)

Part 3: The Hollow Crown
I'm back one more time to go over the shittiest (or best?) version of the Bachelor, the Commonwealth paths. Briefly tabling my notes on the Polish monarchy, this is the tree they kinda clearly put the most love into. Bring the old Commonwealth back, and choose between 4* claimants to the throne! To streamline the guide, I’ve included this format as a note: [1]. This will indicate I have an opinion, not related to gameplay, that I will return to in the notes section
How to choose your King
There are 4* possible claimants to the thrones. On paper they are each unique and well flavored individuals but in practice, you are choosing which European country you would like to Personal Union your way to victory, or which old empire you’d like to reform.
King One: Friedrich Christian of the House of Witten, a Saxon-Commonwealth candidate
King Two: Karl Albrecht von Habsburg, a Habsburg candidate
King Three: Michael I of Romania, a Hohenzollern candidate
King Four: Pavel, a Cossack “candidate”
And yes….
King Five: “Anastasia Romanov”
Friedrich: Friedrich Christian, a member of the old Witten line of Saxony, is the “obvious” choice to form the old Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth [1]. He will allow you to build up loyal forces, enter an alliance if the German Empire rises again, begin the monarchist sub-game with Lithuania, and gain cores on all of this former Commonwealth land. Fred’s Commonwealth also has access to the “Pro Allied Government” focus, so the Commonwealth has potential allies
Karl Albrecht is the Habsburg claimant, putting you on track to put Czechoslovakia (the old Bohemia and Slovakia) in a Personal Union (a unique puppet form). Other focuses will boost Karl’s army traits, raise new royalist units, and allow you to pressure Austria-Hungary to reform (at the cost of turning your back on the Allies). This is the full map of Czech claim, combined with a united Austria-Hungary
Michael I is of course our good friend, the coup master himself, the son of Carol II of Romania and the Hohenzollern candidate. As you may guess, you can align and later annex Romania. Michael, much like Fredrich, can either align with the Allies, or you can boost as a royal dictator, from there you can both demand Slovakia and align Hungary. In addition, if Romania takes "King Michael's Coup", it will make Romania a Personal Union subject of Poland that way.
Pavel Bermondt-Avalov is a real life White Russia Cossak leader and a complete nut. He’s your way to a fascist Kingdom of Poland, guided by Pavels own very reactionary beliefs. Choosing him will allow you to demand Lithuania, gain boosts to cavalry combat, and the ability to choose either the Soviets or Germany as your master and, vice versa, as a mortal enemy. Joining Russia gives you the chance to demand Eastern Germany and Pomerania. Joining the Nazi’s gives you access to Roman Dmowski’s subtree of balancing Nazi puppet status. Pavel also can complete a Bermontian Mission focus, allowing Poland to form puppet states in the Don and the Kuban, which come into play after wars with Russia
“Anastasia Romanov”: or more accurately, Franziska Schanzkowska, aka Anna Anderson, is not and was not actually Princess Anna Romanov. She lived a difficult life struggling with mental health problems and would-be restorers, but a princess she is not. Every intimate family member or servant denied it, to say nothing of the recent DNA evidence that slammed the door 30+ years after Anderson’s death. Anderson was, in my estimation, a young woman who wanted purpose and explanation for why she was unable to live a normal life, who was then mis-directed purposely by people with something to gain (in particular, the Gleb-Melnik family). But has that ever stopped Paradox and HOI4 meme lovers? Of course not. So, After declining each of the 4 normal candidates twice, you will receive an event allowing you to crown a Romanov King of Poland [2]. Now you will gain access to her secret, hidden focus tree, and Anna will be able to claim the old Tsarist vision of Pan-Slavism, in particular demanding Serbia and Russia. The full core map looks like this. Anna also see’s her traits boosted twice, the first time with the first focus and then boosted over the top again when forming the Slavic union. (you can also claim East Germany, but this is mutually exclusive with the claim for Russia and you do not receive the trait boost.) Anna also has the ability to form the Cossack republics Pavel can after claiming Pomerania. All in all, a rather memey, if very specific path to take as the Kingdom of Poland…..but it can get even more memey…. Crap.
Every meme is a stake to my heart King Wojtek Probably the most infamous choice here, you must do all the Anna Romanov stuff as well as getting Wojtek the bear as a general, which you can do by triggering the Wojtek event. Now this involved occupying Italy and Iran, but once you do that, you can then march onto Moscow with King Anna and General Wojtek. Until….you capture the NKVD archives and find that, yup, Anna is in fact an imposter and no one in the royal family survived the 1918 executions. You now have 2 choices: taking a PP hit and burning the papers to keep the Romanov….or…..good can make the comedian a bear. I mean, you can make the bear a king. There is no addition content or events after doing this, and you can only get Wojtek as king if you have him as a general, and you occupy Moscow as Anna, whichever comes second will trigger the event. Random wild speculation, I think there’s additional focuses for this Romanov path, based on the weird edges of the focus tree on the left, but otherwise that’s all I got.
And that’s my whole politics and leader guide to Poland in No Step Back! If people would be interested in a USSR guide or a bigger overhaul of Polish opening moves or strategy, let me know! I got very busy in real life so thanks for the patience with this series!
Bonus Opinion Footnotes:
[1]: The Wettins are a defensible if terrible in-universe pick. The Saxons utterly failed in both their goals as Kings of the Commonwealth: failure to make it hereditary and failure to rule the Commonwealth as if they cared. It was August I Wettin who was roped into the disastrous War of the North by Peter of Russia, and his son fared no better. It was the old Poniatowski family that was on the throne for the final Partitions, but their role in the writing of the 3rd of May Constitution leaves far more interesting gameplay options. I would’ve liked to see a Poniatowski descendant claim the Commonwealth throne and you could’ve had a fascinating 3rd of May monarchy, where the throne battles the Sejm over control. That would be an actually accurate gameplay of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but it’s much harder to track that family.
[2]: There is a precedent for a female King, Jadwiga, daughter of Louis I, was crowned king in 1384 as a power move by Polish nobility to ensure her future husband would need their consent to be King of Poland himself. Jadwiga later ended up marrying the founder of the Commonwealth, Władysław II Jagiełło. Despite the rather uproarious anger over her being named a leader for Poland in Civilization 6, I think she did rather alright for someone thrust into both leadership of a giant kingdom as a teen, and as someone married off to a Lithuanian noble 20 years older than her, also while a teen.
Eternal source: 1000 Years of Polish History, Patrice Dabrowski
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2022.01.24 16:52 Worldview01 Midland Schools Not Putting Litter Boxes In Bathrooms For Furries, District Says

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2022.01.24 16:52 imagiiiiine Does my therapist have to tell my parents about an attempt?

I honestly don't even know if it was an attempt, I wanted to die, still do, and I tried to slit my wrists. I tried really hard but it hurt and I couldn't cut deep enough. The bleeding stopped eventually and now I have a nasty cut on my forearm that's pretty long and hurts a lot. But I wanted to bleed to death and I tried again today but it hurt even more because there is already a big cut there now. No idea if it was an attempt, I know I want to die and was prepared to bleed to death right there, but I wasn't even close.
I feel like I need to talk about my therapist about it, but I don't know if he'll tell my parents. I don't think I'm a danger to myself because of my incompetence, if I was actually able to do it I would be, but I failed. Oh god I hate myself. Anyways I would like to know if I can talk about it or not.
Please tell me what you all think
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2022.01.24 16:52 wbradleyjr1 ‘Pandemic’ narrative over…false flag in Ukraine next?

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2022.01.24 16:52 SolarisYob ordo iuris (celowo małą literą) i Kreml - ogrom dowodów, faktur i dokumentów

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2022.01.24 16:52 Gmaster132 N and R crafting points are usless

What's up with this? Srsly. Why they didn't just make a single crafting point and make all the rarities to cost according to that rarity. I should be able to trade 60 or 80 N cards for a UR.
They don't even work to unlock a secret pack of that archetype and crafting N and R cards is pointless since you most likely find them while looking for the SR and UR cards that you want.
They only work for cards that aren't tied to a secret pack but even then you most likely will find them in the legacy packs or the free Structure deck the game gives to you.
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2022.01.24 16:52 Shortstack31489 [USA-TN][H] Built Keychron Q1 with custom aviator cable/ akko neon laser keycaps, Built KBD67 Lite , modmic 5 [W] Paypal

Keychron Q1- navy colorway, stock phantom red switches, lubed stabs, akko neon keycaps that will include the entire set, stock keycaps included, stock cable which is garbage but have included mechcables custom aviator cable $200 Shipped

KBD67 Lite- tiffany colorway, akko green switches, stock case/ cable, PBT keycap set - all keycaps included $145 Shipped

Modmic 5- comes with all accessories. Minimal use as well. $50 Shipped

Prices firm- no trades. Comment before PM
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